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Original Film & Digital Content Division of Luxager Studio
Feature & Short Film Production

Original short & feature film, commercial, music video and fashion entertainment productions.

Short Form Content

Original short form and branded content production and entertainment.

Virtual Production

We entertain and produce content with state of the art virtual production and digital innovation technolgies.

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Fantasy & Sci-Fi Feature FilmFantasy & Sci-Fi Feature Film

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Feature Film Production

Producer & Story By: ATHÉNA

Code Name: Future X / Current Stage: Script Development, Pre-Production

Code named Future X, a mesmerizing Fantasy/Sci-Fi feature film that weaves a captivating storyline of mythology and anime, in which you will experience the power dynamics between characters and the misery they go through when trying to explore the profound philosophy of existence, till attaining nirvana. This story is intricately intertwined and will challenge your perceptions of the future, the very essence of life itself.

Prepare to be transported into a realm of unparalleled imagination and existential wonder, where suspense lingers in the shadows, waiting to captivate and astound. Futuriste X invites you to a journey unlike anything you’ve ever seen or imagined, leaving you to anticipate the revelations that will only unfold once the lights dim and the screen comes to life. Filmed with a  groundbreaking and innovative production process.

The goal is to make it a big budget Hollywood production. We are expecting production to begin after late 2024. Check back later when additional details will be posted.

Fairy Fantasy/Action Short Film Production

Producer, Production Design & Story By: ATHÉNA

Code Name: Dragon X / Current Stage: Remaking from the anime version; pre-production

Embark on an enthralling odyssey through the mystical realms of the immortals’ heavenly palace and earth, with a young heroine on the verge of destiny in this mesmerizing Fairy Fantasy drama film. Her world transforms when she discovers a hidden legacy of dragon tale that awakens amidst ancient prophecies. She will be challenged with mastering her newfound powers while being pursued by a malevolent force seeking to exploit her abilities for dark purposes. Through rigorous training in the ancient art, she learns to harness elemental forces. As this story unfolds she will face fears, formidable adversaries, and ultimately embraces her form to protect her world.

Immerse yourself in the intricate twirl of power dynamics between the real world and the mystic world. Futuriste X invites you into a realm where you will be captivated and astonished. Offering a cinematic experience unlike anything seen or imagined before. With groundbreaking production and innovation, come and be part of the revelations that unfold in this unparalleled tale of imagination and existential wonder.

We have released a 3D trailer for the short film at the start of the year of the dragon. Watch the fan favorite here.

Xianxia Fantasy Drama Film Fairy Fantasy Odyssey Drama FilmFairy Fantasy Odyssey Drama Film

Festival of Horror FilmFestival of Horror Short Film

A Horror Short Film Production

Producer, Production Design & Story By: ATHÉNA 

Code Name: Horror X / Current Stage: Film Pre-Production

Within the fiery depths of horrors, a deep darkness unfolds, Devotees assemble for a night overflowing with spine chilling thrills and heart pounding excitement. Eccentric figures, draped in hauntingly beautiful attire that belonged to a time that passed us by, peek through the shadows, creating an otherworldly spectacle.

Authenticity reigns supreme, granting revelers the freedom to embrace their utmost truest selves and darkest desires. Amidst the spectral allure, two wandering souls find an unexpected connection, forging a tale that transcends the boundaries of fear. Step into the abyss and witness a night where the extraordinary meets the uncanny, creating a perfect haven for those who dare to lose themselves in the haunting enchantment of the Festival.

You can preview a film teaser in 3D here.

Virtual Production & Digital Innovation

Futuristic Content & Production

Futuriste X consistently embraces a futuristic vision, standing at the forefront of the entertainment industry. We seamlessly incorporate cutting edge innovations and technologies into our production and content development, crafting an unparalleled and immersive entertainment experience.

Futuriste X, where distinctive storytelling meets the forefront of technology, promises our audience an extraordinary and captivating adventure.

Virtual Production & Digital Innovation


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  • “ATHÉNA is thoughtful about where the industry is going and worth learning from.”

    Richard Kestenbaum – Forbes Contributor
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    Scott Kerr – Former Conde Nast Strategy Executive
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