In Oct 2019, Luxager Studio’s Founder ATHÉNA presented a bold sustainability branding concept – ‘Sustainable Fashion Capital of the World‘, first in Stockholm and then New York for the promotion of the Swedish fashion industry. This branding concept and slogan have now been used in Visit Sweden‘s press materials:

Luxager Studio Slogan for Visit Sweden

Visit Sweden is Sweden’s National Tourism Organization, promoting Sweden as a destination and as a brand to attract more foreign visitors. Visit Sweden forms partnerships with Swedish regions and other players in the Swedish tourism industry. Equally owned by the Swedish Government through the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, and the Swedish Tourism Industry through Svensk Turism AB, Visit Sweden is present in ten countries worldwide. is part of – the official portal for general information about Sweden. Visit Sweden is one of five Swedish organizations with overall responsibility for providing information about Sweden to other countries. The other organizations are Invest in Sweden Agency, the Swedish Government Offices including the Foreign Ministry, the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Trade Council.

Familiar with the Swedish culture and that humble Swedes would never give themselves such an entitled label, ATHÉNA has decided to be the first person eating the crab: she made the bold move to present this whole branding concept along with the slogan to the Swedish fashion industry.

Unlike many other parts of the world where sustainability is more of a fab word associated with people who demonstrate forward thinking in social consciousness, Swedes truly and genuinely live with it in their every day life.

Sweden also has an impressive fashion profile with well known brands such as H&M, Acne Studio, J.Lindberg. H&M is the second biggest fashion company in the world and now leading in the industry for its sustainability effort. On the other hand, despite these three brands are household names in the US, no one associate them as Swedish brands or recognize Swedish fashion. In comparison, they have more awareness of sustainability in Sweden.

Stockholm, capital and Sweden’s biggest city, has unusually high concentration of well dressed people on the street, much more than even the big four fashion capitals of the world: Paris, Milan, London, New York. #SwedishStreetStyle should be next on the hot search list.

It is on the basis of these observations that ATHÉNA formed this sustainable branding concept for the Swedish Fashion Industry, as part of a bigger branding package to gain world recognition for the Swedish fashion industry and bring Swedish brands to international markets. There are more that certainly can be done for Swedish fashion.

ATHÉNA also raised the bar overall for a “Sustainable Fashion Forum” event she helped organizing in New York, 2019. Through her outreach, she has received a personal message from Diane Von Furstenberg herself within minutes, raising event awareness to luxury designer such as Prada. She has also obtained attendance from Business of Fashion, Stella McCartney brand ambassador and sustainable influencers. She supported Swedish brands such as Dedicated Brand, re:newcell and House of Dagmar. Other partners of the event include H&M, FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), Invest Stockholm, Visit Stockholm, the Consulate General of Sweden in New York.

Elle Von Jaeger with her models at the Sustainable Fashion Forum
ATHÉNA with her models for Swedish brands:
Dedicated Brand, re:newcell and House of Dagmar

Above: Luxager Studio with Dedicated Brand CEO Johan Graffner

Sustainable Fashion Forum

Above: Luxager Studio Presenting Swedish Brands
Dedicated Brand, re:newcell and House of Dagmar

Above: Event Partners

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This branding concept, when applicable to Swedish fashion and its industry, is the original branding concept and slogan of ATHÉNA or Luxager Studio. We reserve the exclusive usage right of the slogan. Any third party shall not use the slogan without prior consent or accreditation.

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